Romney Still Underdog In 2012 Presidential Betting Odds After Santorum’s Letter

Even though he’s long out of the race, Rick Santorum is still sending barbs at Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

The delivery of a fund-raising letter to Iowa voters that was supposed to be sent weeks ago, just arrived on Monday and is laced with bitter remarks towards Romney.

“It truly frightens me to think what will happen if Mitt Romney is the nominee,” the letter says. The letter arrived in mailboxes of his supporters.

Mind you, Santorum didn’t have much choice now that he’s dropped out of the GOP race. Instead of dragging the primary out til the middle of summer, Santorum conceded the race last week to Romney, who will now face incumbent Barack Obama in the November election.

Still, the letter contains many of Santorum’s frequent attacks, calling him a “Massachussetts moderate” and saying that “Republicans and conservatives will be crippled by a nominee who presents zero contrast to Barack Obama on the major issues of this election.”

Well, Presidential Prop Betting Odds seems to think there’s a difference. In fact, Obama is a considerable -220 favorite over Romney on Bovada. Romney’s odds are at +180.

Part of the reason is because so many in the GOP are divided on Romney, seen as a political fat cat with ties to big business. His supporters see someone who is able to handle finances, steer a company into black, and provide jobs.

Some have speculated that Santorum’s flub was intentional.

Said The Des Moines Register: (Did) Santorum, who is still raising money and possibly not quite ready to come to grips with his loss, sending this word out deliberately?”

For what it’s worth, Santorum supporters say the letter was paid to be sent out last week instead of now. But keep in mind, the former Pennsylvania senator still hasn’t endorsed Romney, despite dropping out of the race.

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