Romney Controls 2012 Republican Nomination Odds After Super Tuesday

With Super Tuesday here and gone and the calendar turning to dumpy Wednesday, we can only reflect on what we learned from the rigors of the political madhouse.

Aside from Sarah Palin mentioning throwing her hat in the ring again recently, the fireworks and excitement have been few and far between since Rick Santorum showed some fight. Mitt Romney survived the day, although his campaign still found a lack of strength in the conservative region. Romney’s continued lead, although not pretty, might have allowed them to start pre-ordering the finger sandwiches for the victory celebration. If the Rick Santorum train has any chance in catching up again, his campaign team will need to find a way to throw more coal into the fire. The good news, however, is that although Romney came out the favorite, nobody really has a favorite yet. Romney still can’t get the voters he needs to most to commit in special groups like the working class, the tea party supporters, or the very conservative. Santorum was able to win states and limit Romney in others, but hasn’t shown the overwhelming boost he needs.

If Super Tuesday did actually show us solid information, it’s that Newt is still alive – for now. Gingrich has set up his tent in Georgia and really didn’t do much after that. His plan to focus on a state he called a “must-win” went in his favor as the week he spent in Georgia resulted in a win, which could just split Santorum and Romney’s votes even more in the South now. It’s clearly all up to the evangelical voters to decide if Santorum can catch a second wind. He has yet to gain full control of that group and until he does he just doesn’t measure up with the support that Romney has continually built up. Again, it isn’t over yet because some of the country still is scratching their head saying “Which one of you guys can can get me a job?” The two seem to be just playing on special interest groups with big solid plans that can change our nation’s current financial issues. I think most people just want a candidate they believe can actually fix it, not a candidate that is telling them what they want to hear. Until then, Romney is in the lead with Santorum and Gingrich still alive.

2012 Republican Nominee Odds – as found at Bovada on March 8th, 2012

2012 Presidential Election Odds – as found at Bovada on March 8th, 2012

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