Mitt Romney’s 2012 Election Odds Improving Following Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is long gone now. With the Republican convention now in each candidates sights, they are beginning to realize that it is time to make moves to the top or move aside.

Last Tuesday that was supposed to reveal the candidate that was a clear favorite to challenge Obama, ended up being a day that really finished with a “umm okay, yeah I guess that’s right”. Mitt Romney came into the day as the favorite and came out of the day in the same boat. As good as that sounds for Romney, he didn’t show the separation as his campaign would’ve liked. Mitt still maintains a lead and favored in the Republican betting odds to win the candidacy with 1/15 odds, which did increase after Super Tuesday but hasn’t won over everyone just yet.

Rick Santorum, who has been Romney’s biggest threat, was hoping to gain ground and put himself in a better position before the convention, but failed to do much at all stuck at 10/1 odds to win. In fact, everyone failed to really do much at all with Super Tuesday except Newt Gingrich, who won the only state he really tried for in Georgia.

Gingrich camped out in Georgia for the whole week calling the state a “must-win” for his campaign. He succeeded in taking the state on Super Tuesday but instead of gaining much ground on either Santorum or Romney, he just assumed the role of spoiler for either candidate in a southern state. Gingrich has been given 20/1 odds to win the candidacy and should be getting even less if he cannot establish any big successes. The results from Tuesday also showed that Santorum has yet to claim the evangelical voters that he needs to overcome the frontrunner. It hasn’t been so much that Romney is everybody’s favorite, it’s more of Santorum and Gingrich just failing to become a favorite. Nobody seems to really like any of the candidates very much, but they favor Romney if they have to choose.

If Romney does continue to lead and wins, he is getting 2/1 odds to win the 2012 Presidential Election.

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