2012 Presidential Betting Odds Favor Obama Re-Election

I know the election must be coming up because I just saw our President on the Jay Leno Show.

Bovada has the Democratic party sitting at -220 to win the upcoming presidential election and what looks to be Mitt Romney’s Republican party at +200.

Rick Santorum looked good in Colorado, Missouri, Minnesota, and Iowa but is that enough to pass Romney? Romney flat out just looks like the celebrity type. And now that celebrities are getting more and more involved in elections, I would have to think he’s going to get the big bucks from whichever Diddy-type celebrity decides to throw big bucks to the Republican party.

It was a punch in the gut for Newt Gingrich when Mitt Romney won Florida, right after Gingrich had just won South Carolina earlier. Newt, you’re a nice guy, but according to the Bovada presidential betting odds, you are getting 20/1 odds to just win the Republican candidacy. If Keyshawn Johnson did political analysis on the side I believe this would be where he says, “Come on, man”.

I think the issue is more about who is going to fix the problems, who will fix this broken system. The odds of beating Barack Obama seem to be like the Orioles ever winning in the AL East. It’s nice believe if you are a Republican, but we both know that Cal Ripken ain’t comin back. Currently on Bovada, Obama’s looking at 5 to 11 odds of winning back 4 more years to make good on his “Change” slogan.

Romney’s odds of just getting to the presidential election as the Republican nominee  have dropped to 2/7 and then once he gets there his chance of dethroning Obama are 11 to 4. Oh, Rick Santorum. He’s looking at 3 to 1 odds just to challenge Obama and 9 to 1 odds to go all the way. I mean, this is all really fascinating but you kinda get the feeling that Obama is going runaway with this election. A prediction engine on Yahoo! has Obama winning the election with 303 electoral votes. So there’s that.

Current Republican Betting Odds & 2012 Presidential Betting Odds As Found On Bovada

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